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  • Bird B Gone
    Bird B Gone

    Client: Bird-B-Gone

    Delivery: Design, Responsive Mobile Friendly, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Magento Ecommerce

    Description: Bird-B-Gone is an industry leading seller of bird control products for businesses. They needed a facelift for their ecommerce website with the latest in web technologies. They now have a clean and professional look, with a fast performing and mobile friendly full-featured website to ensure the best possible conversion rate.

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  • Child Source
    Child Source

    Client: Child Source

    Delivery: Design, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Ecommerce

    Description: Child Source needed a new focus and direction for their business towards a more retail oriented audience. We gave it a brand new, modern design and redeveloped many parts of the website from the ground up, giving them a huge increase in their conversion rate.

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  • The Caretaker Plus
    The Caretaker Plus

    Client: The Caretaker Plus

    Delivery: Branding, Design, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Custom contractor search, location, and content management system

    Description: Currently still in progress, the Caretaker Plus is undertaking a huge plan to make people’s lives easier when dealing with home improvement and contractor services. The business has been a constant evolution that I'm excited to be a part of and direct everything that has to do with design and development.

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  • Good Times Akron
    Good Times Akron

    Client: Good Times Akron

    Delivery: Branding, Design, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress

    Description: Good Times Akron is a new local business with ambitions to eventually go national with a service that fulfills a person’s need to find out what fun events are going on in their area. They’re working together with Akron and surrounding area businesses to create a one-stop shop for you to “find the fun”.

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  • QTM

    Client: Qualify to Modify

    Delivery: Logo, Design, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP

    Description: Qualify to Modify had some great loan modification software and an execution plan ready to go that needed a brand new, user friendly web presence. The website is still in progress and we’re making weekly updates to the design and user experience.

  • Multitask Consulting
    Multitask Consulting

    Client: Multitask Consulting

    Delivery: Logo, Design, XHTML/HTML5, CSS3, jQuery/javascript, Wordpress integration, PHP, SEO

    Description: Multitask Consulting is a separate branch of Page One Web Solutions geared more towards the development spectrum of the web industry. The website and concept needed a reboot, so I created a solution that took advantage of some of the latest HTML and CSS techniques, as well as designing a new brand identity.

  • Canning Studios
    Canning Studios

    Client: Canning Studios

    Delivery: Design, XHTML, CSS3, jQuery/javascript, custom Wordpress plugin integration, PHP, SEO

    Description: Canning Studios, the premier Painting, Plastering, and Conservation restoration studio has worked with an incredible amount of clients all over the world. I delivered a new design that reflected their style and unique attributes that will pull in much more traffic and generate more leads, placing them miles ahead of the rest of their industry.

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  • Wickens Law
    Wickens Law

    Client: Wickens Law

    Delivery: Design, XHTML/HTML5, CSS3, jQuery/javascript, Wordpress integration, PHP, SEO

    Description: Above all, Wickens wanted something with class that fit their mold of clientele, and was an easy resource for other lawyers or potential customer to find out information about them. They now have a website that allows them to quickly provide new updates to their target audience, with a large focus on getting them to touch base.

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  • TWR Group
    TWR Group

    Client: TWR Group

    Delivery: Logo Revision, Design, XHTML/HTML5, CSS3, jQuery/javascript, Wordpress integration, PHP, SEO

    Description: TWR Group needed a clean and simple, light design and development package to help deliver their customer centric message to all potential clients. TWR Group also needed an easy way for customers to compare their prices and see the value that they receive. The website is still a work in progress.

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  • Alerchek

    Client: Alerchek, Inc.

    Delivery: Design, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, SEO

    Description: ALerCHEK, Inc. needed a fresh new and professional redesigned web appearance that was tailored to their industry, and an effective search engine optimization strategy to get them new traffic with a prominent call to action to request a quote, as well as an easily accessible method of delivering all the various information about their ELISA based immunoassay products.

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  • Lectricair

    Client: LectricAir

    Delivery: Design, XHTML, CSS, E-Commerce Shopping Cart, Flash, SEO

    Description: A previously satisfied and wonderful client, Tecmark Inc., needed a huge overhaul of their online retail outlet for some of the products they that sell, specifically switches that use air to turn electricity on and off. Usability and SEO were key here.

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  • Next2Disney

    Client: Next2Disney

    Delivery: Design, XHTML, CSS, Logo, jQuery, Flash, CushyCMS integration, PHP, Custom Managed Calendar Booking, SEO

    Description: In a very competitive industry, Next2Disney needed a visually appealing site that would stand out from the crowd. Picture galleries were necessary, as was a custom scheduling feature so that prospective renters could book right on the website and discover all kinds of extra information to help them plan their stay.

  • Tranqwool

    Client: Tranqwool

    Delivery: Design, XHTML, CSS, Wordpress Integration, E-Commerce Solution

    Description: Tranqwool came to us with a unique product, the marketing of products for environmentally responsible living. They needed a solution that would allow them to sell their products on their website as well as a place where many likeminded people could discover news and communicate with eachother.

    Web site is still under construction.

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