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Archive for January, 2009

Easy Client Control Over Page Elements with CushyCMS

Every client you deal with should have a unique solution to fit their needs. CushyCMS is definitely no end-all-be-all CMS solution, but it is absolutely perfect for a certain niche of websites. If you are developing a website that, for example, will often need a couple paragraphs on the front page changed often, or they’re a restaurant that just wants to update specials and prices every once and a while, then CushyCMS is a pretty optimal solution. You can let your client take control without damaging anything else on the website and, best of all, they get off your case on making updates! It’s extremely quick and easy to set up, and very easy to explain to your clients on how to use it as well.

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Enhance Your Love For Music With These Applications

There is one thing in my life that I will always cherish above even web designing and developing (gasp), and that is music. I was a musician for several years, and that even included being a high school band geek. I totally rocked that saxophone. In the last few years, I have expanded my horizon when it comes to music to encompass just about everything and I have a bit of an addiction to amassing as much of a collection as I can. If you share my love for music, then you will appreciate this post. I’m going to go over some of the applications and services that I use on my computer that helps with all kinds of aspects of dealing with a music collection from managing your library, finding new music, and just getting the most of out the experience.

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Are CSS Frameworks Really Worth Using?

I’ve witnessed the beauty of frameworks for languages like PHP such as CakePHP, and for Ruby such as Ruby on Rails, not to mention the myriad of great javascript libraries that are out there. I see the potential for making life a lot easier by using these frameworks. They prevent you from having to reinvent the wheel, and can really speed up your production. The difference between these and CSS frameworks such as Blueprint is that they impact how the site functions, and not really how it appears to the user (I’m not including js libraries in this statement). So to me, the idea of a CSS framework seems like you’d be producing some stale designs.

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Useful Free Applications For Any Web Dev / Designer

This is somewhat of a continuation of Great Firefox Plugins For Any Web Designer or Developer where I talked about some handy Firefox plugins, and now I’d like to speak at you about some applications that I’ve found useful throughout my career, whether it be something that can help make a task a little easier or something that just helps me get through a day of work by making it more enjoyable.

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