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Archive for the ‘PHP’ Category

Transify – a jQuery plugin to easily apply transparency / opacity to an element’s background

In my search for a solution to make a background / border of an element transparent, I found that there really isn’t a perfect one that fit a particular need. IE6, IE7, and IE8 do not support CSS3′s alpha background color value nor do older versions of other browsers, 8-bit PNG’s do not look great in Internet Explorer, and other javascript PNG fixes are not great for performance nor will they work on elements with repeating backgrounds. So, I’ve written a great and easy to use solution in the form of a jQuery plugin. Read the rest of this entry

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Display Random Dynamic Content With PHP and XML

Every developer, at one point in time, will run into a situation where they need to display a small amount of dynamic data. Why create a whole database? Enter the magical world of XML. XML is easily manageable by anyone who has ever even dabbled a bit in HTML, so understanding should come easily just by looking at an XML file. PHP has classes already set up to parse XML. Here you’ll learn how to use PHP and XML to randomly generate HTML content.

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jQuery AJAX Validation Contact Form with Modal + Slide-in Transition

Due to popular demand, here is a tutorial on how I created one of the more complicated pieces of machinery on my new site: the contact form. A lot of different techniques went into this, and I have a few people/places to thank for some of the original code that inspired my final product: primarily Design Shack for their tutorial on creating a slide-in contact form with ajax, Zachstronaut for his code on scrollable same page links (used all over my site, but most effectively on the contact link in my footer), and Yens Design for a quick how-to on creating the modal pop-up background darkening effect (surprisingly extremely easy to do with jQuery).

All you need is jQuery. No plugins are necessary for this to work, and it is only 2kb of extra code in addition to the jQuery library. This also works on all browsers, IE6 and up.

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Easy Client Control Over Page Elements with CushyCMS

Every client you deal with should have a unique solution to fit their needs. CushyCMS is definitely no end-all-be-all CMS solution, but it is absolutely perfect for a certain niche of websites. If you are developing a website that, for example, will often need a couple paragraphs on the front page changed often, or they’re a restaurant that just wants to update specials and prices every once and a while, then CushyCMS is a pretty optimal solution. You can let your client take control without damaging anything else on the website and, best of all, they get off your case on making updates! It’s extremely quick and easy to set up, and very easy to explain to your clients on how to use it as well.

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